Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hate Speech

It's pretty obvious I'm highly critical of many things that are considered the mainstream in US culture. Greenwald has a nice essay about one thing that is not wrong about America, but is broken pretty much everywhere else in the world.

I am absolutely astounded that the Canadian government would send a letter to Ann Coulter, threatening her with criminal prosecution even before she has given a speech.

I am appalled that any nation, which generally seems sane, would criminalize or otherwise penalize any speech. I don't care what the speech is.

So long as that never changes in the US, there will always be a chance to have a healthy political system. We just have to be careful that it never be abridged in the US... and make no mistake, right wing lunatics in the US will try and have certain speech criminalized, as Newt Gingrich tried.. and with a sufficiently right wing Supreme Court, the results could be devastating.

You would think that free speech would be a staple of every western Democracy. Odd that lunatics in Canada and Europe think otherwise.

And they censor video games in Australia.. and presumably Australia is a democracy.

How people can be that stupid is a mystery.

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Kor said...

Games, film, art, books... and maybe the internet if the fucker's backed by the family first nut jobs get their way.