Monday, March 15, 2010

Netflix Sucks

^^ that's my queue. The first 10 movies are on the waiting list, and some of them have been there a very long time. Part of the problem is that the movie industry has been pretty bad.. for quite a while now. There's just not enough quality movies to watch. Put the blame on the viewing public for that one, I suppose. A 3 star rating is pretty much average and the vast majority of movies are average.

I really don't think I'm getting my money's worth from Netflix, and that pisses me off. They debit my account every month, like clock-work, but they fail to deliver the shitty movies that I'd like to watch. I'm not getting what I'm paying for from them, but of course I'm more than welcome to cut them off if I want. The problem is, there is no real competing service. The "on demand" from the teevee provider sucks ass because they want ridiculous fees per view. Fuck that.

I'd be willing to pay a bit more for an "on demand" with a monthly fee that's more than what I pay Netflix, as long as it's full on 1080p, and not some compressed piece of shit.

But mostly, this post was more about me saying that Netflix is a giant piece of shit, and those fuckers running it should all be fired.

Buy some fucking inventory you fuckers.


Or.. you know.. it's not that hard to bootleg everything and not pay a fucking dime..

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Anonymous said...

I am trying the 30 day trial. I really like the on demand directly to the TV and/or computer but the selection leaves much to be desired. Internet to the TV is great, just need more content. I bought a blu-ray thinking that I could get movies quickly but run into the same inventory issues you are having. I'm going to cancel the service and try BB to see how it compares. I suspect that there will be little difference but hey, get two months of movies free.