Monday, March 15, 2010

More Like This

LONDON – With the West locked in conflicts across the Muslim world, why would anyone throw fuel on the fire?

A small group of Europeans have been doing just that — provoking death plots and at least one murder by turning out art that derides the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran in the name of Western values.

Behind the scenes is something bigger: a rising European unease with a rapidly growing Muslim minority, and the spreading sense that the continent has become a front in a clash of civilizations.

Recent events — including surprising electoral success by an anti-Islamic Dutch party, moves to ban veils in France and minarets in Switzerland, and arrests in Ireland and the U.S. this week in an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist — are signs of the rising tensions.

I'm glad to see the Europeans are taking the Islamic influence seriously, and if the muslims want to issue fatwas, deport them. They have no more right to not be offended than anyone else.

I have a lot of respect for artists who risk their lives to expose the evil of some of the islamic immigrants. I just hope nobody else gets hurt..

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