Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a Boy

Riley, an 8 week old Wheaten Terrier.


Steve said...

If only he'd stay that size. :)

Very cute though.

Tom said...

He'll end up about 40 pounds, which is a good size imo. Not too big, and not tiny. He'll also be hypoallergenic, which is good for me since I'm allergic to pet dander.

Which is sorta why we picked that breed.

Kor said...

I've been gushing over these Jug puppies for the past few weeks at the local store... stupid puppies being all awesome.

Steve said...

I showed this picture to my girlfriend and now she wants one. :) She's been reading up on Wheaten Terriers for the last few days. :)

They do sound like great dogs though.

Kor said...

FYI you should have called him Wil... :D

Tom said...

Well, that would have been clever.

John has this thing where dog names need to end in a "e" vowel sound... so like Willy would have qualified. I picked Riley because it meets John's guidelines, and it's an Irish name for an Irish breed.

Never.. ever.. show puppy pics to women unless you're ready to get one. They are the #1 breed for apartment dwellers in NYC though (read that someplace).. so apparently they do well in smaller accomodations, and they're not loud or obtrusive.

So far, he's pretty cool.