Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fuck Your God

Seems to me that if you need legal protection from people criticizing you, you suck.

We have been following the crackdown on free speech in the West and particularly the alarming trend toward Western blasphemy prosecution, here. Now, in Poland, one of the lead signers and guitarists in the heavy metal band Behemoth has been criminally charged with insulting Roman Catholics for tearing up a Bible on stage and calling the Catholic Church “the most murderous cult on the planet.” For a video, see below.

He is right, isn't he? It's hard to find a more heinous organization of death and destruction than the catholic church. To this day, I still feel stained form having been baptised catholic. I obviously didn't have a choice in the matter and reject it totally. I just don't blame my parents for doing it. I suppose that in 1966, it wasn't quite as apparent how evil the church is.

It is simply amazing to me that organized religions are able to convince western democracies to criminalize criticism... but that's just how the evil fuckers work, isn't it? Throughout history, they've slaughtered untold numbers of human beings in order to maintain their power.. their revenue.. their evil oppression of the innocent.

We need to destroy these fuckers.. and the way we do that is to starve them of what they need. It's all about the money. Hopefully, as humanity advances, people will finally realize what religion has done, and reject the insanity. Leave the churches to crumble into dust.

That musician spent 20 seconds criticizing catholics, and 5 seconds tearing pages out of a bible. For that, they want him to spend 2 years in prison.


And just for the record, because the Loon Brigade likes to claim that people such as myself only criticize the christians.. I'll say, again, that islam is inherently evil as well. The islamic "prophet" is an evil mother fucker that should be reviled in the pages of history, not glorified.

The difference between islam and christianity now appears to be that the christians want to put us in jail, and the muslims want to kill us. I would prefer that christians and muslims just kill each other, and leave us the fuck alone.

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