Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Little Victory

Mexico (at least a part of it) legalizes same-sex marriage.

I guess it's just a demonstration of how backward the majority of the US is. Canada and the vast majority of the western Euro nations have legalized it.. and now Mexico? That's really surprising.

Mexico has long been a hostage of the catholic church, so maybe this is a signal of the rejection of religious dogma.. at least the evil brand of it pushed by the catholics. It wasn't all that long ago that Mexico was a very dangerous place for gays, so this change is a pretty big deal.

It seems to me that Mexico is bi-polar. There are some really nice places there, with stunning culture and natural beauty. There's also that under-current of crime and desperation. There is massive corruption in government. Generally, they're very happy to have tourist dollars, so if you stick to the well travelled areas (and you have money), it's quite nice.

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