Thursday, February 25, 2010


As much as I bag on Obama, it must be noted that I do that for policy reasons. I rather like him personally. I just don't think he's done much to advance the agenda he put forward during the campaign, and has completely abandoned much of it, and switched 180 degrees on others.

However.. watching this "health care" summit on the teevee.. he's absolutely destroying the Republicans. That type of thing is Obama's wheel-house. He's completely in control of the room and making the Republicans look small and obstructionist.

It's amazing to me that the Republicans keep doing this.. going right into a situation where they know they are going to get smoked... and right on the teevee to boot.


It is worth noting that the point of all of this.. is to ensure the continued ridiculous profits for the health insurance companies.

Mandates for everyone.. no "public option".

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Anonymous said...

I think when they go into a room like that for a summit, they should all be forced to be naked to see has the power in the room. At least they would be equal at that point. LOL... I'm really tired of the us vs. them mentality and ready for someone to be elected that will have our interests as a priority instead of playing kindergarten games. Unfortunately, we all have skeletons and the good people don't want their mistakes aired on national TV.