Friday, February 26, 2010

American Justice


Biurny Peguero Gonzalez allegedly was embarrassed when her friends were berating her for ditching them at a bar. Instead of claiming some urgent call or just telling the truth that she got into a guy’s car, she elected to cry rape. She stuck to her story through a trial and through years of incarceration of William McCaffrey for a rape that he did not commit. She has now been sentenced to three years for perjury — less than the four years that McCaffrey spent in prison.

Gonzalez begged the court for mercy on behalf of her two children. The truth came out after DNA evidence exonerated McCaffrey.

She will spend less time in jail than the guy she lied about and had sent to prison.

A couple of points about this.

Many people have a completely dysfunctional sense of empathy. We see it from right wingers over and over, as they mock and deride the more vulnerable members of our society. In this case, the woman placed her own well being in a trivial issue with her friends, over the complete destruction of a fellow human being's life.

And she's breeding.

I think I've mentioned before that I sat on a jury in a drug case, and we convicted the person based solely on the testimony of the police officer. It took less than 5 minutes to come to that conclusion. I feel immense regret for that.

I was brought up to assume that most people are honest, and that's especially true of authority figures such as police. As it turns out, that is not true, and the better bet is to assume that everyone are always lying. Never believe anything based on something as unreliable as a person's word, regardless who they are. I know that most people are incapable of doing so, but the only thing that should be considered in any circumstance is objective evidence.

I'm horrified by stories like this, because of the natural empathy I have for others. But, at least they were able to let the guy go free and clear his record. In cases where the death penalty is applied, you can't dig somebody up and set them free if they were later found to be innocent.


Unrelated to the latest travesty of American Justice.. is the story of a whale trainer getting killed during a performance by a killer whale. It's on my teevee almost continuously for 2 days. Apparently people do not understand why the whale is referred to as "killer". I don't have much empathy for people killed by a wild animal in pursuit of that animals exploitation for monetary gain.

There are seemingly limitless stories of note going on in the world every day.. and yet here we are bombarded by the idiotic death of an animal trainer. They're conducting a "press conference" about it right now.

The news media is doing everything it can to destroy our culture and our humanity.

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