Friday, October 30, 2009

Fuck the Muslim Assholes

DALLAS – A Muslim doctor interviewing for a job at a suburban Dallas medical clinic says officials there told her she couldn't wear her headscarf in the workplace.

Dr. Hena Zaki of Plano, Texas, said Friday that she was shocked when CareNow officials told her that a no-hat policy extended to her hijab.

The 29-year-old doctor wants an apology and a change in CareNow's policy.

However, CareNow President Tim Miller says he sees nothing wrong with the policy and feels no need to apologize. In a statement, his company says it does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion or national origin in employment decisions.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations calls CareNow's policy "a blatant violation" of federal law.

Plano is where I moved to after leaving Arizona for my job.. and ya.. fuck her.. and fuck her head bandage bullshit.

If I walk into a doctors office and some rag-headed fuck-tard religious loon wants to know what my ailment is.. I'll tell her it's her stupid fucked up religious nut-baggery that is the source of my pain.. and I'll walk the fuck out.

Take the fucking rag off your god damned head you stupid fuck. This is the US.. we don't play that shit.


I have a friend that is a doctor for Care Now.. he's crazy as fuck, but in a good way.


Dan said...

Doug ghostwriting your blog again?

Tom said...

Meaningless drivel.

Kor said...

Sorry dude but Dan is pretty bang on the rhetoric this time.

"Take the fucking rag off your god damned head you stupid fuck. This is the US.. we don't play that shit."

Substitue that with the following minor changes:
"Take the fucking rag off your god damned head you terrorist fuck. This is the Amurka.. we don't play that shit, Jesus lives here."

I mean I agree that shes out of line, head scarves and other attire are definately a no-no for people working in health care and she should accept that in her profession.

However to an outsider like myself that post totally read as "Amurka is teh best fuck off terriost!"(spelling intended).

Considering how inter-twined the muslim religion is with middle eastern culture it's fairly simple to understand how she took offence. The complaint may simply be more cultural than religious.

She may simply want to wear the scarf as a matter of heritage and not a religious symbol. But again, head scarf's and doctor's = bad.

Tom said...

Actually.. I'm right.

She's basically saying because of some stupid masogynistic law in some stupid fucked up Sharia bullshit nation, she gets to wear the rag on her head at work.

The employer has rules. Part of those rules are a dress code. Nobody gets to ignore the rules of the work place because of their stupid religious views. It doesn't really matter if the religious dress is mysogynistic, but that just makes it even more bullshit.

My employer has a dress code. I don't get to wear something that violates the work place rules because of some made-up religious view.

It's also a good rule because the head gear can make the natives uncomfortable. This is Texas. It doesn't matter if it seems like catering to the customers biases. It's a business. An employer has every right to dictate what an employee wears even if it's just to put the customers at ease. A private business is not required to cater to religious nutbaggery at the expense of their customers.

I don't care if it's a jew with a beanie on his head.. or a hindu with a turban.. or a muslim woman playing the sexist game with the head rag.. it's bullshit.. it violates company policy.. and it's pretty god damned obvious I'm right about this.

Michael said...

Ill add two opinion points.

First, if we are worried about cleanliness then it comes down to if the scarf is clean or not. From the picture she appears rather well kept.

Second, this is possibly a generational thing. Baby boomers make a bigger deal of 'hats indoors.' If this is the issue i would say the scarf looks far more presentable/professional then a baseball hat.

Tom said...

Neither of those points are relevant in the least.

A business has every right to dictate a dress code, and if an employee doesn't like it, they can find another job.

That asside, wearing something that is symbolic of misogyny is even more fucked up. If a woman wants to go along with that on their own time.. whatever.. but an employer has every right to dictate what people at work wear.

Personally, I'm disgusted by anybody wearing anyhing of a religious nature, be it a crucifix or a yarmulke. Of course people have every right to wear those sorts of things even if they bug people like me. But not at work if the employer says not to.

We detecting a theme here yet?

Dan said...

So you're saying that employers can make rules, and employees have to follow those rules, like how Target makes rules saying Pharmacists don't have to dispense birth control if they don't want to, and you're obviously totally okay with that, because it's the employers rules.

Makes perfect sense. Good to know you are on the side of employers.

Tom said...

If that's Target's policy, then it's fine for a pharmacist to refuse to dispense the drug. I disagree with Target's policy, but that has nothing to do with the behavior of the employee. That's just obvious. I can shop at Target, or not.

It's the same with employer policies. As long as they don't violate the law, they can do what they want. I can work for them, or not. I don't just get to trot out some bullshit religious whackiness and insist that I should be able to violate policies just because I'm a religious nut.

Dan said...

While that is interesting considering our initial discusion of the issue on the tda forums, it isn't really what I was talking about.

It's one thing to say that private corporations can mandate policies that may or may not be condusive to some religious practices and that they should continue doing so. It's quite another to say

"Take the fucking rag off your god damned head you stupid fuck. This is the US.. we don't play that shit."

In fact, the US does..."play that shit." And while turning the conversation into one about employee vs employer rights is convenient, it's not what your post said at all.

Tom said...


Anonymous said...

The operative question is "religious freedom"; that means at your place of worship or your home. DO NOT infringe on MY secular work places, schools, stores, institutions, etc.

Stop pandering to all "cultural issues"; fuck "multi-culturalism, and fuck "religious expression". Pray in your home, your church, or your car where no one else has to put up with neurotic religious tics.