Thursday, April 03, 2008

Questions From the Closet

I thought I'd comment on yet another crazy "we're the victims" rant from Doug.. and it's just a rabbit hole of bizarre shit.

So, let's begin with Doug's central premise and his failure to communicate details.

The attacks from the left come from all angles in the blogosphere, and the casualties are mounting. My fellow MilBloggers seem to take the heaviest casualties, sometimes. A Soldier's Perspective, a blog I read regularly, has been ordered to shut down, as has Chuck of From My Position. The general feeling is that these blogs, the writers of whom are active military, were the victims of liberal-left complaints. Of what I have read of these blogs in the past, like my friend Snooper, I haven't seen anything on there that shouldn't have been. They were excellent blogs with the truth being written on their pages. Trolls accuse me of taking away their freedom of speech by not allowing them to post B.S. on my site in the comments section, but that is simply protecting the integrity of my blog, but it is truly an assault on freedom of expression when any and all outlets for somebody, like these two milbloggers, are taken away.
Doug likes to mash a bunch of disparate concepts together and frame it as an "attack from the left".

It appears, from what I'm reading at those blogs, that these "MilBloggers" are active military and the military is taking some action. When you join the military, you agree to abide by the Uniform Code.. that's just the way it is. Doug tries to blame the "left", but it's a military issue.

I have to abide by a certain conduct standard at my job. If I don't like it, I'm free to get another job. Same goes for the military. It's the military's rules - not the "left" agenda.

What's really funny is that I think Doug completely misunderstood the context of the issue. Doug's post is very vague and poorly written.. but still, it seems;

In the case of Chuck, the offending post was called "Coming out of the closet."

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out where that went, and the type of cowardly scumbags that it took to bring down the site.
And you think, this must have something to do with an anti-gay statement, and the "cowardly scumbags" brought down the site for it.

It doesn't "take rocket science" Doug. It takes a reasonable mental capacity to understand "where that went" - and you totally got it wrong.. LOL

The "Coming out the Closet" post had nothing to do with gays. It was merely the blogger identifying himself. I actually checked, because you have to check out the stuff Doug claims. See for yourself if you like:

- and at this moment, I'd like to pause and again point to Doug's rank hypocrisy, and his whining over "name calling" to point out his use of the phrase "cowardly scumbags". Fuck you, you douchebag lying ignorant fuck Doug.

There.. now I feel better..

And moving on.. Doug completely misinterpreted the "Coming out of the Closet" phrase, to launch in to yet another tirade about the homos. I find that completely hysterical.


Doug didn't know that the soldier's post had ZERO to do with gays.. It was merely his coming out of anonymity to identify himself.

And that's funny as hell... you stupid fuck Doug.. LOL

So, since we are on the subject, let's speak on the homosexual agenda. After all, the attacks by this growing group of sick people was an integral part of my Political Pistachio Radio show last night.
Sick? Umm.. okay..

Remember, Jennifer.. when I told you that Doug is the definition of "conservative", I truly meant that. For him, his entire being is wrapped up in his condemnation and hatred for other people that don't fit into his morally absolutist world view. You are on disability, so you are condemned. I'm gay, so I'm "sick" and condemned.

This is what the conservative ideology represents now, and I don't think it represents what you believe, or the vast majority of people who call themselves conservatives believe.

Doug honestly believes that as a white, male, heterosexual (supposedly), Christian American, he is somehow at a disadvantage and his "rights" are being trampled on. This is becoming a common theme that we see in a lot of conservatives. After all, if they are in the majority in every category, they get no "special" consideration that all the people in minority standing get. I guess that makes them feel like a minority, and that's really funny.

I say "supposedly" heterosexual, because most well adjusted heterosexual men do not fixate on gays and gay sex. It seems that Doug thinks about it a lot. Hmmm.. Are you conflicted Doug? Are you having a problem reconciling your Christian faith with certain urges that you are feeling?

Just a question.. because again, you think about gays and gay sex more than I do, and I'm gay.

He then links to an organization called "Silencing Christians" and claims;

Part of what we talked about is how the Homosexual Activists/movement/agenda is using Political Correctness to trample on the Church's allowance of Freedom of Speech and the freedom to exercise their faith freely. Now there are those being arrested (and jailed) for calling Homosexuality a sin, or even mentioning God/Christianity/Bible around a homosexual.
I tried to determine the credibility of that claim, because I find it very dubious.. and when I went to the "Silencing Christians" web site, all I could find are DVD's for sale.. for $17 a piece.. and I LOL'd.. and I LOL'd.. and I LOL'd some more.

Get your own little slice of Homo Hating Jesus.. for the low, low price of 17 dollars!

Doug goes on to claim that you'll all be going to jail for hatin' on homos...

Dr. James Dobson has actually had to edit his radio shows to avoid hate crimes laws! So because my Holy Bible says that homosexuality is a sin my preacher is guilty of hate crimes laws and can be jailed? What is going on here?
Each reference Doug cites is to yet another right-wing freak organization, and he fails to mention that each situation falls outside of the United States. However, Doug also likes to make the claim that "little things add up", and so one day you may face jail or fines for hating homos.

He links to Wing Nut Daily, and I'm going to offer a quote from the story that I find hysterical;

"We must be one in Christ to face the days ahead" because "hate crimes" laws would create untold new liability for Christians.
Yes, that's right. If there is actually a law against slandering a group of people, Christians would be fucked.

And that's Christianity for you, at least the new "Evangelical" version of it, sporting the New Jesus, with Ripped Abs, Crushing Muslims, Casting Homos into the Fiery Pits of Hell!!!"

For the record, I'm not a big fan of "hate crimes" laws. but I don't give a shit what Canadians are doing.. or Europeans.. It has little to do with the US Constitution and "free speech".

After all, I like it when Christians call gay people "sick" or worse. I like that they push their agenda. I love the "God Hates Fags" church. The more exposure given to these people, the more reasonable people will reject their insanity.. and after all, my mission is to reduce participation in organized religion, and the best way to do that is to let everyone see what organized religion is all about.

And so.. yet more playing of the victim card;

The Homosexual Agenda is very anti-Christianity, and has no qualms about saying so. They say hateful and offensive things about Christians and to Christians constantly, and that seems to be okay in the eyes of the Liberal Secular Left, yet calling homosexuality a sin, and a sick decision, is considered bigotry, and can be silenced by using hate crime legislation.
Who do you think started this fight? We're supposed to stand by and be called "sick" and our lives and family demeaned, and we're not supposed to say that YOU are the sick fucks?

Fuck you.

I don't want to silence you.. I want you to keep on keeping on.. and I don't want you to ever change, because you freaks are the golden ticket.

Doug likes to claim that being gay is a "decision" or a "choice". Nobody but the hardest of the hardcore freaks believe that. Being gay simply a natural condition of nature, that happens in a small percentage. The concept is no different than race, or eye color. It's just how some people are.. but the Christian freaks like Doug like to use it as a hate device, because Christianity always has to have a target.

If they are not targeting something, people lose interest in their movement, and their funding drops.. and ultimately that's what it's all about. It's their money, power, and influence, that is important, and loons like Doug are merely the lying fuck scumbag tools.

I do like how Doug, being the good Christian and follower of Jesus Christ, likes to whine about being "attacked" and being called "names", whilst simultaneously categorizing million and millions of people world-wide as "sick".

I know Jesus would do it just like that Doug..

And again, Doug is offered to the world as the model of Christian Conservative. Look at it.. and what he is saying.. and what his view represents.. and ask yourself if that's not the most vile, hateful, condescending, morally bankrupt viewpoint you've ever seen.

That is Conservative.

And Doug asks questions;

So why is it that the Homosexuals and Secular Liberal Left have been able to impose their religion of "Anti-Christianity" against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Americans with such things as the Homosexual Agenda by using tactics like the hate crimes legislation?
Overwhelming majority? Once again, you offer no evidence.. because you know you're lying.

The answer to the question is - because "gay rights" is supported by a majority of Americans, you fucking liar.

The central issue, again, is equality under the law, and most Americans support it.

"Do you think homosexual couples should or should not be allowed to form legally recognized civil unions, giving them the legal rights of married couples in areas such as health insurance, inheritance and pension coverage?"

Should Should Not Unsure % % %
12/16-19/07 54 43 4
5/31 - 6/4/06 45 48 7
3/4-7/04 51 46 3
2/18-22/04 45 48 7
1/15-18/04 46 51 4
9/03 40 51 9
This uptick in support is a direct result of the Republican party's attempt to amend the Constitution to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Americans are giving you the middle finger Doug.. like it? I know I do..

But of course.. that's not full blown marriage, but the percentages that support that are moving up as well. Eventually, same-sex marriage will be the norm nation wide, and then the whole debate will become a non-issue.

And who will you demonize then, Doug?

Why is it that Secularism/Humanism has been able to prohibit the free exercise of Christianity by silencing Christians when they proclaim Homosexuality is a sin, and use the government to establish and promote the religion of secularism when both of those moves are clearly in opposition of the U.S. Constitution?
Weird.. is Doug violating the law by demonizing gays?

Really.. can he not see the logical contradiction in his question? He claims he is being "silenced", yet he is publishing his hatred on the internet. He can go outside and start screaming his hatred at the top of his lungs. He has had radio programs where he spews his bile. I hope he keeps screaming louder and louder.

And then he turns around and claims that somehow he is being "silenced". How is it possible for a human being, that seemingly can construct a sentence, to be that oblivious to that incredible level of contradiction?

The silence is deafening Doug.

As for responding to a particular liberal gay blogger who pulled out all the stops to call me everything in the book and misrepresent my faith, and my political positions? Well, I am not sure if I should respond to his attacks after reading a piece of advice a friend of mine gave me: "Never argue with an idiot; they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."
Respond or not.. I hope you do because I like using you as an example of a typical conservative of course..

But, I would point out one thing for you Doug.. You are well and truly free to call me an "idiot". You can call me "sick" or a "scumbag". That's great.. have at it. I'd think you'd quit whining about "name calling" then, but I realize you are oblivious to your own rank hypocrisy.

I substantiate my argument.. and you simply pull your argument out of your ass, and offer it up to people as if it's not supposed to smell bad. What you call "pulling out all the stops", I call actually crushing a moron with my superior and substantiated argument.

We know that there are "winners" and, the natural consequence of that is that there are "losers". I've never liked that binary thinking.. but since it's your philosophy.. then fine.

Guess which one you get to be.

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comment I just left on Jennifer's site: Jennifer, be very careful with Tom. For example, he has you convinced I said poor people are lazy, and I never-ever said anything of the sort. I did say that it is possible to get out of poverty with hard work and doing whatever it takes. He then used my words, interpreted it to say I think poor people are lazy and that's why they are still poor - - - I grew up very poor in North Long Beach. My dad worked three jobs to keep us for not having "balls" about him commenting on my site, it is because of this kind of disruptive junk that I do not want on my blog - however, in the spirit of being fair, I will pick apart his posts and allow him to comment about my responses to him on a new site I just created. . .