Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Eh, Maybe

Thinking about starting up the blog again.  I'm still not feeling great but I keep seeing insane shit on facebook and I simply can't just point to people that are on my friends list and call them fucking insane.  This blog was always a good outlet for that type of thing.  Since we're heading into the insanity that is presidential elections again, it might be relieve some of my boredom, and believe me, I'm bored out of my fucking mind.

I'm also likely to get annoyed by the Loon Brigade going on and on about how us heathens are waging war on their Christmas.  I have no idea, short of stealing their trees and decorations, we would do that.. but god damn.. 'tis the Season to be Persecuted.

On my medical situation.. I'm half-way through about ~18 months of braces.  Once everything is completed, the braces come off, the bite forces adjusted, and I still end up with nauseating levels of tinnitus, I'm just going to give up and see how long my savings will last if I'm living on the street.  I'll be the wealthiest mother fucker at the intersection holding up a sign reading "demons in my head, please help!"

Or maybe it really will cure the tinnitus.  If that actually happens, I'm going on a binge of another sort.. sex, drugs and rock & roll.

As it stands now... I'm having a hard time getting work done.  Maybe I should go on disability, but then that would likely end my career.

Well, whatever.. I wrote this entry and it didn't cause my head to explode, so maybe I can get back to it and bring my vast audience the humorous entertainment I had previously been unknown for.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Tom, I've been living with tinnitus since I was 19 (1985). Sometimes, it gets so loud, I can't hear people with my other ear. My tinnitus is in my left ear, which is mostly deaf from the injury. It's from nerve damage. It takes a long time, but you learn to tune it out. I only hear it for the most part when I am thinking about it/talking about it. So, right now, as I write to you, it's loud as hell. But, it is reality, so I had to learn how to live with it. I believe in you. You can get there. Despite your feelings about such things, I will be praying for you.


Doug - Political Pistachio if you care to respond.

kris said...

Good to see you!

With Trump talking shite about Cruz being ineligible it was all so reminicent of our legal genius friends and the Obama birth certificate comedy lawsuits.

I went to look at my now defunct blog and noted that some ridiculous man put a link to Mr Gibbs' talkshite show. From there, I found the famous Doug v Tom episode, which I'm listening to now. I googled the old site - and there you are.

The stupid remains strong. The world needs your voice.

Kind regards

Tom said...

Appreciate the kind words. The ringing is over-the-top now, which causes severe depression. It just sucks.