Monday, August 05, 2013

And In The End

Sullivan is having his 15 year old beagle put down.  It's awful.  I hate reading about it or thinking about it, from anyone.

Riley is only 3.  He's got a very long way to go.  Token is 9, but his breed is long lived.  They were our dogs, but now they're my dogs.  Hopefully I'll get my shit together soon enough that they become our dogs again.


Rob Watkins said...

Mr. W likes that.

Kor said...

At some point Tom's going to start using your real name :D

Got a letter from our vet the other day telling us that one of our cats is now officially old (over 7). Doesn't feel like we've had him for that long, not looking forward to the day when he's gone either. At that point we'll just be stuck with his dim witted adopted sister :P

Tom said...

Cats seem to live a long time. 7 isn't old.

It seems someone is trying to wreck the carefully crafted anonymity I've tried to maintain here. Not that he's the Mr. W.