Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Gamers... what is your profession?

Making money.. Making money.. MAKING A FUCKTON* OF MONEY!

Sorry.. just a little bit excited.

*a 'fuckton' is technically a relative term


Kor said...

Well, I dunno about a fuckton. I did upgrade my PC to a 4770K recently, this thing monsters my old machine.

Tom said...

Nice.. I still don't think my 2600K is bottle necking my rig. I might just do some upgrades anyway since it's been a while. The SLI 670s I'm using still seem fine, though there are times (pCARS, and the new Metro) where it could be faster.

The post was more about that certain investment I have. I'll be able to go ape-shit soon.

Steve is using the same PC that he played WoW on years ago. heh

Kor said...

Metro is probably the most visually intense game to come out in the last few years, never even attempted to play a serious game of it in triple head (single screen with 2xSSAA was amazingly gorgeous to look at however).

Sandy won't be a bottle neck for a while, it also enjoys instruction set parity with the new consoles so you won't see the flaw on minimum system requirements drop out from under you any time soon. Anyone running Nehalem or earlier should move on though (hence why I dropped my 920).

I'll be waiting until the 880's come out next year before beefing up on the card front, the 700 series isn't enough of a leap to justify spending a pile of money.

Anonymous said...

I like red dead redemption...good game.