Thursday, May 30, 2013

Elevate Me

I got a promotion at MegaCorp to Svc Info Developer IV in January, which is the top grade of code monkey at the company.  I've officially hit the glass ceiling unless I want to go into management, which I do not want to do because I'm not a 'people person'.  Better said.. I'm brutally honest.  The actual increase in salary took until this week to come through.  My manager told me she requested it be made retro-active, but that, apparently, meant only back to May 1st and not January when I got promoted.  I've decided not to bitch because getting anything out of MegaCorp is a coup.

We might even get raises this year on top of a bonus.  A percentage increase on a larger salary is.. a larger increase!  I'm well into my 40s now, and I know this is when I need to earn to setup my.. errr.. our retirement, and it's working.  It's all coming together.

I'm feeling rather proud of myself right now.  I 'work' from home, have a great reputation in the industry, and made it to Alpha Geek status.  I also have a great future with Mr. W., and many great things (including family) waiting for me when I get moved to Phoenix.  I can go anywhere and do anything.  If Mr. W. and I want to move anywhere in the US just because we want to try something different, we can.  When we retire, hopefully early, we'll even have a chance to have a summer and winter home.  We can snowbird it.  Heck, retiring early might not be worth doing because my job is so incredible that I might as well just keep at it.  Mr. W. likes his job as well, so what the hell..

The game is coming along nicely.. we're closing in on roughly 8 months to shipping it.  It's going to be epic.  Imagine the press when a community funded and development assisted game hits the market without a big publisher.  The 'big thing' is still a possibility, but either way it's going to be huge.  I've got rights to the sequel locked up, and the studio head is an awesome gentleman that wants us to succeed just as much as his company.

I spent the long weekend (4 days) in Phoenix with Mr. W.  We had a great time... did lots of cool things.  I even sat in a Jaguar F-Type.  I got a boner.  I might be able to buy one in a couple of years.

Honestly, I've had the worst year of my life and possibly the best year all at the same time.  I still miss John terribly and know that he wanted all of those things with me.  It just didn't work out that way.  Hell, I would have done a 3-way relationship with him and Mr. W.  Gay guys are allowed to do that.. Oh, and I've got a couple of really cool dogs.  They're going to be very happy to get moved to Phoenix.  They'll have a bigger yard, and my sisters' dogs to play with.

I can't help feeling that maybe John had a hand in it all turning around.. on a dime.  If his goal was to change me into a very different person, he succeeded.  I even used the 'L' word with Mr. W., and that's something I've never done before.  It was nice.

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