Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Am Shrunk

Saw the psych a couple days ago.  She added Welbutrin.  It's supposed to help with the chronic fatigue.  So far it does seem to have an effect, and I'm on a half dose right now. Everything else went well.  We ended up talking more about real-estate than my condition. My BP is still low, but my ears are a bit louder.  It was annoying me so I went ahead and took a klonapin.  That tends to bitch slap the tinnitus, and give me some peace for a while.

I'm going back to Phoenix at the end of May.  This is specifically a Mr. W. trip.  I bought tickets to a Diamondbacks game for Sunday afternoon vs. the Padres.  I don't know shit about either team now, but they're really really good seats and I like watching baseball even if I don't know the story behind all the players.  I can see Mr. W. and I going to a lot of games in the future.  I don't think we'll get seats right where these tickets are if we do that though.  The idea is to save money for the future, but you never know how the game financing thing might turn out.

Speaking of which, SMS got a PS4 dev kit, and I think the new Xbox kit is coming soon. The Wii U version is progressing already I think.  In order to satisfy the financial regulators in the UK, we needed to separate the financials for the legacy platform and the new platforms. I could take my money and put it towards the new platforms, but I think that'll sell less than the legacy.  There's a lot of existing PS3s and X Box's out there right now, and not everyone is going to run out and buy a $500 console right off the bat.  I'll probably put a few thousand towards the new platforms though. It is disappointing it's not all in one big pot.

I think about Mr. W. a lot.  If I'm not working or playing a video game, he's on my mind. That's a good thing.  I know I keep punting on things I said I was going to talk about down the road, but I'm not sure how cathartic it'll be for me at this point.  I was going to write the story of me and John, but I already know the story and I don't know if anybody else would be interested.  When I first thought of doing that, I thought it would help me resolve some issues.  I'm not sure if I have those issues anymore.  I might do it just as a tribute to John, once I'm done being pissed off at him.

The thing is, I'm not sure if it's the meds or Mr. W., but I think a lot more about the future than I do about the past now.  It's probably a combination of the two.


Steve said...

Tom, you really do sound like you're doing better. It's great to see you feeling better and looking forward again. I think the story about John would be fascinating, but I think you are the only one that knows best and knows if that's something that you want to share and when you want to share it.

I've been watching a lot of baseball lately, the girl and I went to a game Friday with some friends. We have partial season tickets, 20 game plan. Hopefully the Nats can start looking a little better, had a nice series against the Reds to get back over .500, but haven't looked great yet.

What games are you into these days? I'm kind of at a lull, playing some Diablo at times, or just getting into some old xbox games. Looking for something else to get into, was really hoping Simcity was that, but it just wasn't everything I had hoped for, and kind of buggy. Maybe it'd be worth trying some of the coop or just getting back into it once some of the bugs are worked out.

Anyway, take care.


Kor said...

It's nice to see you writing from a more emotionally stable position, it's good to see you feeling better (at least to some extent). :)

On the PS4 kit. Is that a legit unit from Sony, or are they still just providing a target hardware spec?

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again.

Tom said...

I've been playing Mass Effect 3, which is the game I picked when EA was giving away freebies for fucking up Sim City so bad. I might try D3 again after the itemization patch. I'm not sure what else there is to play now.

And ya, it's a legit PS4 kit.

Steve said...

Ahh, yeah I rocked my way through Mass Effect already. I too am waiting on the Itemization patch to really play Diablo again, I'm just leveling up a Witch Doctor for fun instead of fucking w/ the grind that is end game.

Neverwinter Online came out yesterday, it's "free to play" with buyable shit, which ok cool if you're into it and want to buy stuff that's fine. I was a wee drunk last night and couldn't even get through character creation, but I may try that out some as time permits. I think I'm on the Dragon Shard (Server).

Tom said...

I'll check out Neverwinter.. doesn't hurt to see if a F2P game is fun.

Steve said...

Just a brief bit in, char name is Nilahr.

So far nothing stands out to me in terms of graphics or intuitive game play. It's a weird mix between WoW and Diablo though, in terms of how you move/attack/interact w/ the world. The combat is a little refreshing. I'm noticing even at low levels that getting out of the way is a good idea, whereas in other games you basically just stand there and take it, then rest up later. So we'll see how this goes as the game progresses.

I had to get back to doing real work instead of playing games though, so only got about an hour in to it.

Tom said...

It appears to be an open beta?

Another MMO... errr.. if I get sucked in and spend another 5 years playing an MMO, there will be murder.

Steve said...

Yeah, appears to be in open beta mode, at first I thought it went live on the 30th.