Thursday, March 21, 2013


A new trailer created by one of our team members.  It's very nice composition, but is demonstrating some stuttering.  There are some problems with high frame times, but the render engineer is working on bug fixes now.  Optimization will come later.

The release date has been pushed back to ~Easter 2014.  I really want to get this game out, but it needs to be perfect.  We're only going to get one shot at introducing a new IP (intellectual property).  We need a 90+ meta-critic scores.  An 85 will be seen as a failure, even though that's a really good score.  The user scores may set a record, since we already have a massive user-base that will all give it 10s.

No new news on the.. umm.. exclusive.. well, they're stewing right now.

I'm still planning to do a trailer, but it takes many, many hours to do the raw video captures and the editing.  I'm going to wait until we're well into beta.


Steve said...

i can't wait for what you come up with. You've always had a good eye for this kind of thing, so when you put this product forth I have no doubt i will be amazing.

I may have to purchase a controller to race with because I know racing games do not really play well with mouse and keyboard. :)

Tom said...

I'm pretty sure I'll have keys to give out.. :)

Kor said...

Curious if you will launch it on PS4 and Xbox 3, there is typically speaking no better time for a new franchise to enter the market than at the beginning of a platforms life cycle.

Consumers during the first 12 months are generally starved for titles on newer platforms, especially ones that take full advantage of the hardware. Bethesda for instance actually owe a lot of their mainstream success to the release of Elder Scrolls 4 so early in the Xbox life cycle.

With both new machines running on x64 architecture I would imagine it would be a reasonably easy transition for the PC version to make it's way to the PS4/Xbox 3 (relatively speaking anyway).

Tom said...

Two things would need to happen. We'd need to get a dev kit for the new consoles, and the ROI would have to be worth it. There's a bazillion of the current gen consoles out there, but on the next gen, not so many.

I get the sense it's not going to happen until the sequel. We want to release April '14, do 2 years worth of DLC, and then release the sequel in '16. By then it would probably be worth doing.

But then.. suppose Nintendo comes and wants to buy exclusive rights for gobs of money? I'm not saying that is in process right now, but theoretically it could happen. PSX and Xbox would be irrelevant then. Maybe..

Just a hypothetical.

Anonymous said...

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Tom said...

So sexy.. I can't refuse that.

Change of plans.. I'm driving to Germany.

Kor said...

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From what I understand at the moment Sony are throwing themselves at developers trying to secure titles for the PS4, they're even allowing for self publishing on PSN.