Sunday, October 21, 2012

Follow the Money

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI is adding seven more saints onto the roster of Catholic role models as he tries to rekindle the faith in places where it's lagging. Two of them are Americans: Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American saint from the U.S. and Mother Marianne Cope, a 19th century Franciscan nun who cared for lepers in Hawaii. 
A third is a rather unlikely saint, Pedro Calungsod, a Filipino teenager who helped Jesuit priests convert natives in Guam in the 17th century but was killed by spear-wielding villagers opposed to the missionaries' efforts to baptize their children.

I thought a saint had to have performed some miracle?  Not being killed by spear wielding natives might have qualified.. but noooooo...

Every time the revenues get low, the catholics announce a new all-star team.

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