Friday, October 19, 2012


I must be feeling a bit better since I'm trolling for Loons on Yahoo again.

In one particular story, about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the article included "statements by Mohammed and his codefendants about their alleged torture while in the custody".

So I left a comment;

The "torture" is not alleged.. The government has bragged about it.

The responses were as you expect. A couple representative ones;

and your point? Do you not consider the horrific deaths the victims of this attack received. I could careless how much they torture this pig before they kill him.


And it wasn't enough.

For most people, the severity of the crime mitigates the use of torture against the accused. It's okay to use illegal interrogation practices as long as the person is alleged to have done something awful. Further, as long as the government and press assert that the person is guilty, then we are free to assume the accused is guilty.

The individuals that hold those views would accuse people like me of being "un-American" because I do not appear to be outraged by the accused' crimes and also agree that torturing is too good for them. And yet our entire legal system is based on the presumption of innocence, and that illegal conduct by the government is not permitted in any situation.

That's why accused murderers sometimes are set free. It's better to free a criminal than it is to subvert the United States Constitution. It is the tradition of the legal system that the law be followed in every case, no matter how severe, because once you allow the Constitution to be ignored, then the risk to all of us becomes much greater. The government, then, would have enormous power. If you were simply to speak out against the government, then they could arrest you, torture you, and make up any accusations against you that they want, insist your are guilty, and everyone will believe it and applaud that the government is keeping everyone "safe" from you.

Therefore, it is those that hold those repellent view that are the ones that are "un-American". It is people like they who allow governments to conduct the most vile activities imaginable. Yes, it's people like that who not only condone acts such as the Holocaust, but actively participate in it.

That is exactly how atrocities happen. Those people are not only "un-American", but inhumane as well.

This is why America is destined for decline. The only thing between freedom and liberty, and a fascist dictatorship are lawyers with a conscience. The right wing take over of the judiciary will ensure that fascism will prevail.


While writing this, I noticed a Boxer and a Great Dane in the front yard. I managed to get the Boxer in the house, but the Dane got away. Neither had identification.

gah.. I really hate people.

and I hate the blogger post editor. They took away the ability to use the old editor, and the new one sucks so much ass that I don't want to blog because of it. It's really shitty, and the people that made it suck horribly, and they should be ashamed. I don't give a fuck what sort of bullshit editor they want to make, but to take away the option to use the old one is a fucking insult. Furthermore, those stupid fuckers are blissfully unaware because they don't give a fuck about the people that use it.


Steve said...

Weren't you bitching about the editor not to long back and then found the old one again?

Or is this after the fact and now it truly is removed?

Tom said...

It truly is gone now..

We found the owner of the 2 dogs and they are back home.

Steve said...

Glad they are safe. Did you tell them to put collars on their dogs?

Tom said...

John did, ya. Turns out, the workers that mow yards have left the gate open at the house. Once the mowers left, they let their dogs out and they went for a run.

The owners are new to the neighborhood. The rest of us know the mowers do that. I need to get Chiquita out there to yell at them.