Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Here's the recipe for getting your ass kicked, all right: 2 for 13 on third down. That's 15 percent. Four turnovers. A blocked punt when they rush one guy. And giving up 245 yards rushing. How's that for a recipe?" - Rex "hey baby, nice feet" Ryan
I watched that game.. it was ugly.  SF has a really good team.  I like to think they represent Teh Gay in the NFL.  I'm sure the Tebowits will be growing in volume.  I don't want to bash a player for his crazy, but when they drag their crazy out onto the playing field, I root for them to fail spectacularly.

NBC has a pretty cool online player for NFL games.  The new teevee season has kicked off, and we actually have 3 programs already recording in HD so I'm watching Giants/Shegals online.

How ironic is it that the Packers had a touchdown scored against them where the officials (the non-scab ones) missed the offensive pass interference?  I can tell you from my years of officiating high school football that you tend to focus like a laser on the main action (the catching of the pass) and miss the little things that look obvious to everyone else watching on teevee.  I once worked the back judge position in a varsity game where a pass was intercepted and on the run-back, the DB fumbled and the offensive team player picked up the ball and was running for a touchdown.. and I blew my whistle when the fumble happened.  It looked to me like the DB was tackled but I wasn't watching the ball close enough to notice it wasn't in his hands when he hit the ground.

Then.... you have to explain that to the white hat, and he has to go over and explain that to the head coach of the team that got robbed of a touchdown.  The good part about the back judge spot is that you are in the middle of the field and aren't on the side line near the coach where they will give you a hard time for screwing up that bad.  There is a big difference though.  In HS football in Arizona, a varsity crew is 5 officials, and in the NFL it's 7.  That's a big difference.  The back judge has a lot more to watch in a high school game than in the NFL... plus, back then, I was affected by the cataracts in my eyes.. so ya.. when they yelled the ref was blind, it was sort of true.

On a completely unrelated topic, I think I know why my ears are ringing.  I have to admit I was wrong about the CSF leak that I was fixated on for so many months.  When something is slowly driving you insane, you tend to grasp at straws when the doctor is clueless.  I'll write more about that later, but I need to make an appointment with the neurologist. The good news is that it might be treatable, but the bad news is that it's probably not curable.  John F. Kennedy had the same condition.

... the end of the Falcon's game was pretty lol.

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