Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Liar for Christ

A demonstration of how disgusting Doug really is...

Liberal Tom and Yellow Flag, now that evidence has surfaced that Paterno may have actively worked to cover up Sandusky's despicable crimes, are demanding that I go back to my previous writings and admit I was wrong for "defending a pedophile enabler."

For the record, I didn't "demand" a thing.. I never accused Doug of "defending a pedophile enabler". He just made that up. All I did was read an article about Paterno's involvement in the Sandusky crimes, and posted the link (without any comment) on his blog. It was simply to give him an update to the story.

Because Doug is a serial liar, he has to turn his attacks on me instead of what the story was all about. Go read it for yourself. He has absolutely nothing to say about Paterno now, other than to continue to obfuscate.

Paterno may have actively worked to cover up Sandusky's despicable crimes

No.. I didn't accuse Doug of defending Paterno when I dropped that link on the horror show that is his blog. Doug demonstrates that just fine by completely avoiding the subject and deflecting his ire on me. That's just how he works.. He doesn't quote me if he argues a point I've made.. he doesn't link back to my own writing, which I do for his.. for obvious reasons. Doug is his own worst enemy, and continues to be the best example of a scumbag religious freak fighting some paranoid war in the most cowardly way possible. I want people to read the shit he's pushing because the more people see it, the more crazy the right wing freaks appear.

If I could get 3 billion people to read his blog, I'd do it in a flash.. sadly.. I can't. Hell, he's trying to make a career out of that (and running for political office lol), and his blog is dead as most of his brain cells, despite that 172 IQ claim.

Frankly, it's a comedy... and Doug is the star of the show.

I've never pretended that my little slice of the blogosphere was anything other than random musings and a convenient place to make fun of religious loons. I don't give a shit if anybody reads it, but if some do, I hope it can at least be a little bit entertaining from time to time.

But the one thing I never.. ever.. do.. is lie. I quote.. I link.. I argue. These are concepts that cowards like Doug don't understand. He lives in a world of paranoid fantasies, of the secret boogeyman living under his bed, and the liberals that are going to ruin a nation that has never existed as he thinks it did.

God damn he's a piece of work.


Just testing this out.


Anonymous said...

It is good to have the old Tom back. :-)

kris said...

it remind me of his quote to the Irish newspaper from Searchlight NV - asking if he believed in armed resistance - and he said "If we have to".

It's not the right-wing views or the misunderstanding of the legal system we got our independence from - it's the opaque little bs references to taking out federal workers etc which makes his approach stink.

Would Jesus indulge in hyperbole to make a stupid point?

And yes, it is good to have the old Tom back.