Monday, June 11, 2012

Job Tips

One thing that is a concern when you work from home is that you might worry that people think you are slacking off because nobody is looking over your shoulder all the time, as when you're in the office.

The way you fix this is to send work emails at odd hours of the day.  If you wake up at 5am for some reason, go send an email and then go back to bed.  If you're up at 1am for some reason, send a work email and go to bed.

Because of my current medical condition, I often get so sleepy in the afternoon that I can't concentrate on a thing and so I take a few hours nap.  I get emails during that period, but I always check and respond as soon as I can.  When I'm busy, I'll probably get 20-30 emails in a day - not all of which I have to do something with, but it's a lot for a programmer that is supposed to be programming.

Well, I'm not really a "programmer".  I'm a Senior Software Engineer, which sounds more impressive.. but it's basically a better analogy.. most programmers don't do the level of database work that I do to go along with the coding.

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