Friday, May 25, 2012


So IQ (the MegaCorp I work for) announced they are laying off something like 27,000 employees.  Apparently all those people weren't doing anything during their work day.  Of course, because I'm subbed to the gov, and I only get a fraction of that money - I'm not going anywhere.

The funny part is that the division of IQ that I work for had a conference call with all us gov grunts, breathlessly announcing that we're not being laid off.  I normally don't call in for that regularly scheduled meeting (in the last 10 years.. heh) but I did today.  As soon as the chief baboon finished 20 minutes of discussion to say "you're not being laid off", she/he then asked for audience participation in the form of questions.


You know a meeting is useless when I haven't attended it in 10 years.  The managerial types, who in reality aren't doing anything useful at all, like to feel all managerial so they have the calls.  It would be more amusing if nobody at all called in, but not everyone is as cool as I am.

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