Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Joys of Capitalism

I'm trying to buy a new video card - the latest and greatest.. and so on.  The problem is that the supply of these are very limited, and there are vast armies of nerds that are trying to buy them as well. *

So what we end up doing is playing the refresh/click game. This involves having multiple web pages up which sell the product that I want.. and refreshing the page hoping that the "auto-notify" button becomes the "add to cart" button.  I already have the "auto-notify" set, but by the time I get the email and click to buy, it's already been scooped up by another nerd.

If I were a manufacturer selling the product, I would simply create a queue.  I would take deposits on credit card, and queue people up to buy it.  I would send periodic emails to notify them what position the customer is in the queue.  When the customer comes up in the queue, I'd send them an email and notify them that they have 12 hours to complete the transaction or they lose their spot in the queue.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I should Rule the World because I know how things should be done.

* note - this does not make me a nerd in a vast army


Dear EVGA Customer,
EVGA is happy to announce the product that you requested to be notified is now available.
Please click on the link below to make your purchase.
If you have any questions you can email us at sales@evga.comThank you,
EVGA Sales Team.

You get about 15 seconds from the time that hits your in-box until you hit submit with your credit card info to complete the transaction.. or you are shit out of luck.


Anonymous said...

You are not just any nerd in a vast army, you are the Four Star General, King, President... :-)

Steve said...

Limit 1 GTX 690 per household