Thursday, April 12, 2012


Texas public schools suck (on average). The Loon Brigade blames teacher's unions.

... except there aren't any teacher's unions in Texas. Stupid fuckers..

It is, of course, good news for the rest of us.. as the worse public education does, the less pressure there is for those of us already established in the job market. Dallas does have some very good private schools though, and the public schools in the wealthier (read white) neighborhoods are quite good. Some of the high schools in Plano and Frisco have football fields that look like college stadiums. Not kidding.

So when you know there are really good public schools for wealthier white kids, the rest of the schools must suck horribly in order to bring the average down that low.

And of course.. we have no kids and pay a huge amount of money in school taxes. I wonder why the GOP doesn't eliminate those taxes for us? Since it's all going down the shitter anyway, why not put more money in my pocket?

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