Monday, April 02, 2012

Choose the Less Crazy?

Interesting bit;

Christians, especially in countries like the United States where the ideal of religious liberty has been an important element of Christian teaching for centuries, believe that the rise of religious tolerance in the Christian world is one of the signs that Christianity is true: believers are becoming more like Christ in his infinite compassion and profound respect and love of every human soul despite error and sin. Moreover they see the spread of tolerance and the repudiation of false ideals like “holy wars” (such as the Crusades, fought not only against Muslims but against heretics inside the Christian world) as signs that God is working in human history to bring us to a greater light and deeper understanding.

For many Muslims, however, the rise of tolerance in Christianity looks less like maturity and self confidence than like the senescence of a religion in decline. Christianity, these critics say, is losing its hold on the western mind. The rise in religious tolerance is the result of necessity — the churches are weak, the believers indifferent, and so Christians no longer have the inner conviction to stand up for their faith.

I hadn't thought about it in those terms before. I had just wished all organized religion cease to exist.. leaving people to believe whatever they want, but it having no effect on anyone else.

Turns out.. the progress of western nations in reducing the participation and influence of christianity becomes a sign to the crazy mulsim's that they're winning the jihad. So as islam continues to enforce itself on cultures, eventually it'll dominate due to the destruction of christianity.

That's not a good thing.. but neither is propping up christanity out of fear of the even crazier muslims. I'm not sure if society can really protect itself from both groups. You have to do that as an individual... which, of course, requires.. money.


I've sort of always knew this was the motivation behind Loons like Doug.. but hearing it from someone not completely insane puts a different spin on it. Do us non-lunatics want to be at the whim of muslims? Hell no.. and I just don't see that happening in the US. I suppose we need to tolerate the less bigoted version of the jebus loons for a while, as a guard against the muslims - who would simply kill the lot of us.

Maybe ending then need for oil will destroy the muslims first. That would be nice. If they simply were a people wanting a better life, and not impose their way of life on the rest of the world.. that would be nice.

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