Friday, March 30, 2012

Well.. Shit

I did not win the 600 million dollar lottery.

Life is just not fair.


I think I'd be a pretty good winner of that kind of money.. doing the right thing.. donating to the right charities (mainly animal welfare).. developing the right drug abuse problem... buying cool things for friends.. and so on.

It would be pretty fun.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget that cool car... :-) I'd be family who?

Tom said...

I'm going to bust my ass to get that car without winning the lottery.. heh

Family doesn't speak to me anymore.. Apparently I am the biggest douchebag in the universe... so "family who" kind goes without saying. I'm leaving everything to the dogs and the humane society... unless John's niece visits me regularly - then she can have the dogs and the money.

You posted that from a phone.. that's interesting. I still have a small ancient mobile phone that tends to drain the entire battery in seconds if I try to connect to the net with it.