Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holy Shit

I'm in a blogging funk.. at risk of losing my 5 readers. Fuuuuu

Work has been really shitty in that I've been having to work. The temerity some people have.. expecting me to do more than play video games for my pay..

Oh.. one other thing I'd point out.. we have a dog clock. Riley knows when it's time to go to bed, and if nobody else is going to bed, he just goes by himself and gets in bed and nods off.

Either he has an internal timer that is accurate to about 15 minutes, or he has learned how to read a clock. I'm betting on the latter.


Kor said...

In pet related news we seem to have inherited out neighbours cat. They seem to have gone away without having anyone look after her and just locked her outside with a bowl of food... which got rained on. So she decided to jump the fence, come through the back door and fall asleep on the couch.
At least our Cat doesn't mind, he seems pretty happy about it really.

Tom said...

Things always work out for a reason. It's Gorak karma.

That reminds me.. the place that grooms Token and Riley accept donations of pet food - people regularly come in asking they the groomers have any to spare because they literally cannot afford to feed their dog.

So the other day we went to the store to get more food for Token and Riley, and I've never bothered to look at the price. I just grab a big bag of the kind their supposed to eat (sez the vet), get them some new toys and chew things and head off to the register. I thought I'd grab another bag to take with me to the groomers to leave with them. Makes me feel good to know I'm helping another dog eat for a family that really wants to care for their pet, and are not assholes like your neighbors.

So anway.. I looked at the price.. fuuuuu.. it's like $65 for the larger bag. So I started looking around, and all the food there is expensive. I didn't want to buy just crap for the donation, but I didn't want to spend $65 either, so I found one that looked good for an average price and bought it.

I cannot believe the prices of dog food. No wonder shelters are packed. It's a fuckin' crime. The manufacturers should be feeding every dog at every shelter in the US for what they charge for a bag of fucking dog food.

I expect that toys and chew things, rawhides and such, will have a huge markup at a local store, but dog food? That's seriously fucked up.

I'd rather figure out some other way to do it to save some money, but the shit is heavy too.. and shipping costs would eliminate the savings.

I honestly think it's a god damn crime and these prices lead to animal abuse and misery - which highly pisses me off. People should always be responsible for their pets, but I get why some have to look for donations of dog food.

I often fantasize about having Bill Gates' money and being able to just swoop in and solve a giant problem like animal's in shelters just by shoving money at it. Then I'd buy one of the dog/cat food companies and have it work as a non-profit.

And then I think... Bill Gates is a huge fucking prick for not doing it. Who gives a shit if he's feeding some starving kids in Africa when there are dogs and cats here that need food and homes?