Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Way the World Works

Link to the engineer's obit;

Boisjoly was not the only engineer who attempted to stop the [shuttle Challenger] launch and suffered for blowing the whistle. Allan J. McDonald was Thiokol's program manager for the solid rocket booster and became the most important critic of the accident afterward. When he was pressed by NASA the night before the liftoff to sign a written recommendation approving the launch, he refused, and later argued late into the night for a launch cancellation. When McDonald later disclosed the secret debate to accident investigators, he was isolated and his career destroyed.

In other words.. honesty and integrity are only worth whatever value you assign to them, because you will be crushed by the lack of those traits in the rest of the world.

I'm not advocating total narcissism, because to some people it's worth losing a lot to do what they think is right. I'm just saying that there really is no way to win if you adhere to what society tells you is "moral".

The vast majority of people you encounter on a regular basis are seriously fucked up human beings. It's really quite amazing the species hasn't already gone extinct.

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