Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ringing in the New Year of My Ears

I've found a rather objective metric to evaluate my condition. The amount of ringing in my ears is directly proportional to the problems with everything else. Once the ringing is gone, I'll know that I'm likely healthy again.

One of the drawbacks to being an engineering type is that you think you can solve every problem simply by applying the rules of cause and effect that govern your normal work. I can solve just about any software problem by analyzing the code, sometimes one command at a time. It doesn't matter how odd the problem is, if you go back far enough in the tree of logic, you'll eventually find the error. Human bodies don't work like that.. which, of course, sort of invalidates my hypothesis that the tinnitus is the key to how I'm doing. Basically.. I have no idea really.

So I woke up today not feeling that great, and had the jitters again. I guess I haven't adjusted to the increased serotonin med and the decreased anti-headache med. It seems like the headache is creeping back due to the reduction in of the Nortryptaline to half of its minimum dossage. Despite that, my eyes are still dilated, and slightly unequal to boot.

I took two Excedrin, which are basically the go-to OTC headache nuker for me. I don't like taking them all that often because they have caffeine in them, but they work. Right now I feel nearly human again.. with a dull ring in my ears, and just a slight headache.. with decreased jitters. I even took the dogs to the local park, and went went the long way this time. Hopefully I trend to getting better instead of the status quo so I can get back to going to the gym. I think that would help me a lot.

... and maybe I'll stop being such a bore on the blog. I haven't even read Doug's blog (bar one quick glance where he asked readers to pray for me) in like 2 months or some shit like that... and you know there's probably been some monumental stupid that we could all point and laugh at that we're missing.

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kris said...

I saw Doug's call to prayer for you and for "god's will to be done".

What a monumental ass.