Monday, December 05, 2011


TOKYO (AP) — Japan's crippled nuclear power plant leaked about 45 tons of highly radioactive water from a purification device over the weekend, its operator said, and some may have drained into the ocean.

The leak is a reminder of the difficulties facing Tokyo Electric Power Co. as it tries to meet its goal of bringing the tsunami-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant to a cold shutdown by year's end.

A pool of radioactive water was discovered midday Sunday around a decontamination device, TEPCO said in a statement on its website. After the equipment was turned off, the leak appeared to stop. Later, workers found a crack in a concrete barrier leaking the contaminated water into a gutter that leads to the ocean.

TEPCO estimated about 300 liters leaked out before the crack was blocked with sandbags.

If I owned the rights to Godzilla, I'd have a movie in production right about now.

I'm not sure where the sushi we eat on a regular basis comes from.. but I'd imagine it would take a massive fuck-ton (and in technical terms, that's a lot) of radioactive water to affect much considering how massive oceans are. Locally, of course, it's a different story.

Those fuck-tards working with white bunny suits on are LOL. They're totally headed for a cancer ward in about 5 years.


I love that pic of Godzilla.. I need to work that in to the blog graphics.

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