Thursday, December 29, 2011

All in the Family

That's Riley's sister, Mae. She has the proper Wheaten cut. The woman that grooms Riley apparently doesn't know how to do it. He looks like a homeless Cylon right now, so I'm not even going to post a current pic.

The groomer basically did a rounded fall, but it's supposed to be cut inwards from the side like Mae has, so the fall hangs down between the eyes like that, with just a little on the inside edge of the eyes. Even after we took a printout of a pic I found online last time he went in, his fall is wrong, and his muzzle is out of control.

I'll print that pic out and show her on Riley where it's wrong. Hopefully she can get it right next time.

I think there's going to be a wedding next year in Austin that we're supposed to go to, and Mae will be there along with a couple other Wheatens, so Riley will get to see his sister again. They look very alike, except the gray on Riley's ears is darker, and the gray extends to the top of his head.

We've talked about getting a 3rd dog... maybe when we move into a new house. I'm not a big fan of dogs sleeping in the bed, but John always has, and it works okay now. Riley sleeps at the foot of the bed between us, and Token is small so he just lays in the middle, so it doesn't disturb me at all most times. I'm not sure where a 3rd dog the size of Riley would go.

I'm not sure if we'll get another Wheaten or not. It would have to be a hypoallergenic breed though. The Wheaten breed is tremendous, but it might be nice to have a different breed of dog, and maybe a female. A standard Schnauzer could be a good choice. They are similar to Wheatens but have a different coloring.


Anonymous said...

herrlichen Fragen ├╝berhaupt, Sie haben gerade eine neue Leser. Was k?nnen Sie in Bezug auf Ihre submit empfehlen, dass Sie machte einfach ein paar Tage in die Vergangenheit? Jede positive?

Tom said...


Anonymous said...

Xe is a new reader and wants to know if you have made any positive progress from your health issues you posted a few days in the past.

Tom said...

Yes, I'm slowly getting better, thank you. I have a follow-up appointment with the neurologist next week. I'm going to ask him about the possibility that I might have some sort of vitamin or mineral deficiency.

I still have some ringing in my ears though, which varies in severity from day to day.