Monday, November 14, 2011

Staying Put

I've turned down the recent job offer. It was in the range that I would accept, but for some reason it wasn't feeling quite right.

The other issue is that I still have a medical problem, have an MRI and MRA scheduled for tomorrow, and if the results are not good, then switching jobs would be a very bad thing.

I was really torn about the whole thing.. but things always work out.


Kor said...

Do HP offer up unlimited sick leave like we have here at IBM?

Tom said...

I never said I work for HP.. I work for MegaCorp..

And ya.. they don't have a set number of sick days, it's just a manager's discretion type of thing. At a certain point, you'd go onto short term disability and then long term disability.

The other company only does 2 weeks vacation to start and 5 sick days.. but it was about a 20k upgrade. It's just that in my situation, there are intangibles that outweigh the money.

John and I just need to get healthy because this sucks. We had planned to start with a new trainer, and we want to do vacations and such and with both of us sick.. it's just a giant pile of shit.

His knee is going to need surgery.

Sometimes you just can't help certain things.. others you can. Like.. Steve needs to quit smoking because cancer is fucked up. And as you get older, it's harder to rebound from things. I've never experienced anything like this.

Kor said...

You never directly said it, but you dropped some pretty non subtle hints when Mark Hurd was given the boot :D

Tom said...

Mark who?

And who was that guy from SAP that CEO'd HP for a year, and left with a 10 million dollar bonus? I read that in the news some place.

Tom said...

And now I need to go fix dinner. I don't know how to do that. John always makes dinner, so he will be yelling instructions to me from the couch.

I'd honestly be lost without him.. I don't know how to do a fuckin' thing but program a computer and drive a car fast.

Steve said...

Haha, Hi John.

For the record, I did quit smoking back in March.

Also, there's a lot more to a job typically than money. I had a pretty shitty few months of work to finish out last fiscal year and thought seriously about trying to find another job. But at the end of the day, other than those 3 months, my job is pretty cushy, and I am still learning valuable things that will help further down the line and make me more marketable.

Anyway, yeah, it sounds like you've got a pretty sweet gig these days, and yeah a change may be in order some day, but get your health squared away first and then see where you're at after that.

John said...

Tom did a great job cooking dinner last night. He made grilled chicken breasts that were pre-marinated, steamed carrots and steamed corn on the cob. It tasted good, and the dogs ate it too. Dr. and Medical appointments all afternoon for both of us today. Thank goodness for free wi-fi in the waiting room.