Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Quote of the Day

It’s horrible to have no money. It’s horrible to have no money and then lose it. It’s horrible to have money and be constantly afraid of losing it. It’s horrible to have money and to be envious of the people who have more money. It’s horrible to have so much money you can’t possibly be envious of anyone and yet you get sick and it was all for nothing. On top of it, the process of making money can be torturous. I’m not good at dealing with people I don’t like. Pretending to like them. Paying their bribes. Listening to their stories. Laughing at their jokes ...

None of it matters. The only goal is freedom. And then happiness. Happiness compounds. I know that today, if I focus on it, I can be a little bit happier than yesterday. I can do the Daily Practice. I can watch a movie that makes me laugh. I can avoid all the people who bring me down. I can be creative.

I can be a little happier each day. Until one day I love all the people who twisted me into the pretzel I still am. - James Altucher

Takes money to have freedom... unless you consider a homeless person "free".


I understand that most times when I post a quote, it's enough. It's worth reading the links this time.

Apparently the guy is some sort of self-help guru. He does have good advice for happy and healthy living. It's kind of depressing to read it and realize I don't do most of that. I'm one of the worst procrastinators.. ever.

I'm actually trying to do better. I have an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. I'm better but not back to normal. It's hard to do much when you don't feel well or have low energy.

I don't know anybody who does everything on his list. Most don't have the time. I've got all kinds of time, I just don't have the will.

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