Friday, November 04, 2011

Numbers > Weapons

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A former U.S. Army Ranger and Occupy Oakland protester was in intensive care on Friday after a veterans' group said he was beaten by police during clashes with anti-Wall Street demonstrators this week.

Kayvan Sabeghi, 32, was arrested and hospitalized about a week after another U.S. military veteran, former Marine Scott Olsen, was badly injured in a confrontation with police that helped spark the latest round of unrest.

I don't get why the cops keep putting people in a hospital. The US Constitution protects speech and assembly rights. Unless the Ranger instigated the confrontation, the cop should be charged with a felony.

I suspect that the "authorities" have hoped that the whole "occupy" thing would simply fizzle out, and maybe if they just stopped beating people and waited for winter it might turn out a bit better.

Seems like Oakland has some fairly recent history of rioting, and when they get going, bad things happen. Of course, when that happens, the cops will run and hide.

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