Thursday, November 03, 2011

Kick His Ass

So ya.. the news of a Texas judge beating the shit out of his disabled 16 year old daughter is making the rounds.

I'm more interested in the sociology of events like this. It's exactly the same type of deal as when people are only interested in adopting a dog when comes out of a gas chamber alive, but weren't interested when it was headed in.

There's more than 300 million people in this country. To think that one incident is an aberration is laughable. Nobody gives a shit about it until you actually see it on video, and then we're all in a rage and want that fucker to go to prison so he can be properly sodomized by gangs of black guys with massive dicks over and over.

I'm simply fascinated by this reactionary human behavior. I wonder if there's any way it could become pro-active. I know people try.. especially as it relates to dogs and cats, but what about homeless people.. and drug addicts and mentally disordered people?

Is this the best we can do?


Anonymous said...

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Tom said...

Reads like spam.. but no links to asian pharmacies or porn sites.. soo.. ya.. whatever dude.

kris said...

Some of us do walk the walk. I'm not becoming rich or famous doing legal aid :-) so I understand your point.

But why not take advantage of the momentum. By running this fucker out on a rail, it might just lay the foundation for a change in culture where this shit is acceptable - behind closed doors.

Awareness tends to only come about when the shit's so repulsive that society has to do something.

Tom said...

I don't think it's as repulsive to American society as you think.

You have to remember that Americans are, generally, very disturbed people. In fact, those that hold themselves out to be the "moral conscience" of the nation (the christians) are going to be the first to defend this guy.

It's the same as when Herman Cain got a bump from the republican primary voters when it was discovered he can't control himself around women. Beating kids and misogynistic behavior is expected from manly conservative men. It's actually a virtue.

The liberals who decry such things are always seen as weak and emasculated.

kris said...

"Beating kids and misogynistic behavior is expected from manly conservative men. It's actually a virtue".

You forgot the gay bashing!