Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have 95 pages of documents to sign in front of me and I'll own my second house that I don't live in.

John did all the work on this.. and had some remodeling done, and it looks fantastic. He's showing a potential renter in an hour, and it should easily rent out quickly and cash flow pretty well.

The other house that I have is the one that I used to live in, and still have a bunch of stuff there that I need to do something with. It needs some remodeling and such as well before it could be rented out, but I've been slacking on it.. going on years now. That house should be paid off in.. 8 years, but maybe I can step up the mortgage payments a bit.

Maybe we'll use rental income on paid-for houses to supplement the retirement income, or maybe just sell everything and bail to Canada with a giant pile of cash. Either way.. not so sucky.

We're really lucky and know it.

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