Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Greatest of all Evil

Christian Universalism is an unorthodox, unbiblical, erroneous, and heretical doctrine that states that God will eventually bring everybody who has ever lived into a saving relationship with Him. It is the fanciful belief that everybody will eventually be saved because God is too kind and loving to condemn anyone to Hell. - Douglass V. Gibbs

Doug is arguing that even if you lead an atheists or agnostic.. heck, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, or any other religious life beyond his flavor of christianity, and on your death stood before God - there is no second chance to change your mind. You were expected to make a complete investment of your soul into something that you've never seen.. never heard.. never saw one shred of evidence in support of.. lest you find yourself damned for all eternity in Hell.

Sure, you may have committed your entire life to God.. but if it was not done in the proper way of Jesus Christ, then you are no different than a mass murderer and are cast into the pit.

This is why Doug, and people like him, are truly the root of all evil that exists in this world today.

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