Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Breed

Not likely;

The combination of rising oil prices and declining water could lead to a perfect storm where suddenly all these things lead to human catastrophe around the planet. A report that came out in the last couple of months by two biologists looking at global biodiversity has shown that biodiversity is declining globally and the 100,000 preserves that have been set up are doing nothing to protect biodiversity. Spreading human habitation is systematically reducing the life support system of our planet. Cutting down large rainforests is a major aggravator of climate change. It took 3 billion years of evolution to make our planet habitable for humans. Setting up large zoos – which is what reserves are – isn’t going to protect us. We are risking the long term habitability of the planet. Some scientists think that humans could be extinct by the end of the century.

Humanity will not go quietly... but surely will fuck up the planet in the process.

Exponential growth is simply unsustainable. The only question is when it all comes apart. I kind of think those of us on the planet right now won't experience it.. so think of it this way.. in all the ages of humanity, this one.. today.. is the greatest there has ever been. We were fortunate enough to be born at exactly the right time.. and for some of us.. white and male, and at least above average intelligence.

That is the ultimate lottery win.

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