Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deep Thoughts

I just completed the enrollment for the 2012 benefits with my MegaCorp employer. The total value of the benefits is $14,407.60. I didn't think it was that much.

The medical plan costs $12,672.44.

Imagine not having a job as is the situation for millions of Americans. I can see why people have to have a job until Medicare kicks in. Can you imagine writing a check for that much money every year?

If we retire early, and we have been planning to retire early, we're going to need a fuck-ton of money saved up. In technical terms, a "fuck-ton" is a lot.


In mostly unrelated news.. the winner of our recent Chiquita Deathmatch was forced to resign due to health issues in her family. We didn't go back to the runner up as he had pretty much dyed every white thing we owned a peculiar shade of pink. Instead, we have a completely new Chiquita that was recommended by a friend.

The new Chiquita is extremely thorough.

We also have held a mini personal trainer deathmatch in that we've interviewed a couple of guys who would come out to the house and train us and such. We need to pick one. Both would be good.

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