Friday, October 07, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Steve Jobs has more worth as a dead human being than the rest of you that are still alive.


I got an email from the CEO of the MegaCorp I work for, commending Jobs for being smart or something. Secretly, they're all dancing on his grave.

This CEO replaces the last CEO we had, who "worked" for the company for a grand total of 12 months. He was "paid" about 10 million dollars for making that appearance.

I got another call from a company this morning wanting to hire me. Each time somebody calls me, my price goes up. I might be a code monkey in a dead language, but that dead language is still being used in a lot of places and nobody new is being trained in it. Sure.. Java devs or.. C# devs might be the cool kids on the block, but they're a dime a dozen. There's an army of Indians (not the native American type) that can code that shit and will do it for cigarette money.

I had a conversation with John about putting together a package to teach people* how to do what I do, and charging a few thousand for it.. but I can't put 20 years experience and a security clearance into that study material. The government agency I do this for isn't interested in training new people anymore as they were when I started. Knowing the language is only half the battle.. the other half is knowing the platform. Since the agency has been trying to abandon that platform for 10 years without success, to train new people would be to admit failure.. and they don't like doing that.

What they do instead is just rotate management around. That way they can keep not getting things done, and not have any consequences for it. Meanwhile, the contractors keep getting paid. It's kind of like working for Halliburton, except we're not killing anybody.

* Steve, you should have taken me up on my offer to get you hooked up in this. I "work from home", and by "work", I mean that I respond to emails and attend calls. I code maybe 10% of the time I'm "at work". I get paid a lot for it. You could have had my empire!

Oh boy.. Battlefield 3 beta is opening up a new map. I need to try it out.

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