Sunday, October 16, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

She also agrees with me that Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology that endeavors to bring their Shariah to America, and have their law supersede the U.S. Constitution.

"It's not a religion," Barnhardt says. "It's a totalitarian political system. It is a seditious system, working against every government on the face of the earth."

In the pages of a translated Quran, Barnhardt says she finds evidence that its contents also advocate "homosexuality, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, ... oh, and incest. That, too." - Douglass "how big did you say it is?" Gibbs

Doug has this weird fascination with anti-islamic rhetoric, as if doing things such as burning a quran or trash talking islam is some sort of brave act coming from a person with zero influence, and protected by geography. Doug Gibbs is not Theo Van Gough.

He reminds me of those retards that play soldier dress up on the weekends and pretend they're real soldiers while shooting at targets and such. They'd piss themselves to a sopping mess if they were ever being shot back in kind.

In other words, I wish there was a word stronger than "coward" with which to describe them.

This retort was pretty decent, I think..


I'm no expert on the bible, but I thought there was a lot of incest described in it as well. Who was the biblical character that fornicated with his daughters?

Of course, you believe the story of Noah's ark is literally true, and so there had to be a whole lot of incest going on after they hit dry land as well. Right? How did the world get repopulated 4 thousand years ago after the flood if it weren't for some hot daddy on daughter humping?

I've never burned a bible because I consider it a waste of money to buy one to burn. Once you burn a book, you give the ideas contained in it more power. It's much better to just ignore it.. whether it is the OT, the NT, the Torah, the Koran, or any looney toon mystical tomb of the Magical Sky Wizard. It's all exactly the same made up hooey.. a con job of epic proportions, which does nothing but divide and enslave humanity.

So Barnhardt received "death threats"? It's just like you, right Doug? You took your brave stand against islam by writing about it on a blog.. and we all expected you to get "silenced" and "shut down" for it.. right? And here you are.. continuing your brave jihad against jihad. It must be a sign from God that you didn't get "shut down" because everyone else in the US does the moment they say anything critical about muslims.

But we both know it's not like you've ever taken any action, or risked anything. It's not like you've ever faced a muslim that has survived a life of violence and knows how to righteously kick your ass.

When are you ever going to do more than talk? My guess is.. never. It's so much more fun to fantasize about it.. about your guns, and how you can kill federal employees "if necessary", and slaughter hordes of invading muslims that seek to force you to pray to allah.

Except that.. you know.. your day dreams are just the paranoid ramblings of an inflated ego, paralyzed by fear to the point that you'd pee yourself the very moment that you had to take action.

It's always like that with people like you. It's all talk.. and you know it. The rest of us point and laugh. But hey.. Jesus is coming, and we'll all get our due punishment while Jesus personally tells you that you were right all along... and congratulates you for avoiding the sins of manly flesh.

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