Wednesday, October 05, 2011

And Nothing Else Matters

I had a thought about writing something political today.. but then I remembered that President Obama has assigned to himself the authority to have American citizens executed on his perogative.

There's really not much else you can discuss in American politics when extrajudicial executions are seen as a moral imperative.


It's not like the news today was very interesting. Chris Christie has said for about the 300th time that he's not running for President.. which is a good thing. While I'm sure he would have kicked Obama's ass (which is what we want), he's not crazy enough to make the office entertaining. Mitt Romney is boring as fuck, but at least he's mormon.. which has it's own unique insanity.

There are only two reasons why Christie isn't running. Either he would be embaressed by some sexual issue that would turn up during the extra scrutiny of a Presidential campaign.. or he thinks it'll be easier in 2016.

Christie would be a terrible President.. mainly because his policies are terrible. I would much rather have a President that we can laugh at. No matter who gets elected, the poor and middle class of America are going to get fucked... and if it's Obama, expect even more terrible policy when he no longer even needs to pretend to be a "progressive".


John has been searching on what the requirement will be for us to relocate to Canada. Apparently it'll be difficult because neither of us fit the requirements for the "skills" that the Canadians are looking for. I would have figured a software engineer would have been useful, but I guess not.

We're getting older, faster than I had planned. We wanted to retire at 55.. and maybe buy a condo in down town Toronto for the summer months, and come back to Dallas for the winter.. even though Dallas winters aren't all that great. John has family here and all that. Things change in time though, and maybe we'll want to buy a house in Florida to winter at instead.. which means that we wouldn't need the house in Dallas.

It just occurred to me that I may never move back to Phoenix, where I spent my first 35 years. When I moved to Dallas for my job, it was just for a job and I thought i would go back to Phoenix eventually. Things change and you never know what might happen, but as of right now, there's no plan to go back to Phoenix. Just now realizing that is weird.

We need to get shit done faster.

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