Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Team America

Smell the freedom;

So, just to keep track, the Afghan government has reintroduced Sharia law, moved against rights for women and religious minorities, engaged in breathtaking corruption (including the disappearance of billions in cash from U.S. programs), and now has turned over police functions to the militias that we supposedly were fighting to bring freedom to the nation. This may ultimately help President Karzai who has repeatedly denounced the U.S. and said he wished he had joined the Taliban against us. Now, it seems he can have the best of both worlds: billions in U.S. money while an allegiance with the infamous militia forces.

Thousands of American soldiers have died there.. contractors.. and many thousands more Afghans. We've poured in many billions of dollars that could have been used for... infrastructure improvement.. health care.. heck.. just bundle it up and drop it over American cities.. whatever.

Instead what we got was a farce which accomplished nothing. The military will eventually leave and all we'll have to show for it is a big waste of money and a mountain of dead bodies.

That is America.

Like it?

Fuck those fuckers..

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