Saturday, September 17, 2011

Serial Liars

Douglass V. Gibbs, scumbag of epic proportions;

First, Michelle Obama told us that she was never proud of this country until her husband got a political promotion to the highest office.

Now, her anti-American attitude has risen to the surface for all to see again.

Michelle Obama doesn't understand, and apparently doesn't care, about the ceremony of folding the American flag. During the event in honor of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, she observed the police and firefighters fold the flag with 13 folds, and a skeptical looking Mrs. Obama leaned over towards Barry Obama and said, “all this just for a flag.” She then pursed her lips and shook her head slightly as Mr. Obama nodded. Did it disgust her?

Holy fuck.. these fuckers are such liars. He wrote an entire screed based the most negative interpretation possible of reading her lips.

and my inevitably deleted comment;

Did you even watch the video? You're stupid fuckers think that's what she said based on reading her lips?

How come you didn't embed the video in your post, Doug? I'm guessing you didn't because you don't want people to see how obviously stupid it is to draw that conclusion based on reading her lips. And then you go and write a diatribe about how the Obama's hate America? Fuck you, you fucking scumbag.

You people are the most vile scum on the planet. It's one thing to criticize policy, but it's quite another the question someone's motives based on fucking reading their lips.

You disgust me.


kris said...

I'm with, "Look at how they fold the flag".

Particularly, as the Scottish regiment was folding the flag at the time - and doing a smart job of it.

Dear Doug, everything is not a conspiracy.

Tom said...

Doug's just a rank propagandist, and so even if there turned out to be actual audio of what she said, he'd never correct the post nor issue a retraction or an apology.

What I'm so often struck by is that people like Doug so often demonstrate the mean-ness of society and then turn around and fellate Jesus some more.

I find them to be amoral in a plural sense.