Monday, September 19, 2011


Long time readers know that Brad Pitt is, by far, my favorite actor.. in as much as I can get into celebrity worship (which isn't much). His current movie is called Moneyball, which is about Billy Beane, who is the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, Major League Baseball team.

I thought.. wow.. Pitt is playing the former MLB player Billy Bean, who came out of the closet after his playing career was over, and wrote a book called Going the Other Way, which I read years ago. It's a good read.

Turns out, Billy Bean is not Billy Beane.. but when you start clicking on links in Wikipedia, you find out the first MLB player to come out the closet was Glenn Burke.. who just happened to be the guy that invented the "high 5".

I just wonder if he said "You go gurrrrl" to Dusty Baker.

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