Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

The liberals preach tolerance, but are intolerant. They say they support the freedom of speech, but ridicule you if you dare disagree with them. They preach the joys of collectivism, while damning individual initiative as the engine of development within our society. They trust government bureaucrats over individual choice, and doing so the liberals are among the greatest enemies of individual freedom. - Douglass "I kept my teeth off it, damnit" Gibbs

Oh, this is another one of those "this is what liberals believe" posts?


Something new Doug.. I need something different because you're just boring me to tears the way you write the same exact post over and over again.

Here's an idea. Write a post about the evils of islam.. (wait I know, you've done that a thousand times).. but this time.. add in a part about how you're going to actually do something about it, rather than pound on your keyboard with fists of fury.

Oh.. and by the way.. your little whine about ridicule.. What the fuck do you think your entire blog is doing? It's nothing but a sewer of ridicule. But hey.. that's okay with me. Like you said.. we support "freedom of speech", but that doesn't mean "freedom from criticism".

You think you have some moral upper hand because you don't use any naughty words?

God damn, you're fucking stupid.

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