Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prison Would Help

There probably isn't much question of whether or not I find organized religion to be uniformly evil. It is singularly the most destructive force in the history of this planet.

The problem, of course, is that the rank evil goes on to this day.. in the abuse of children, whether it's catholics raping children, or American religious loons torturing kids in Jesus rehab.

It seems to me that people who were abused as kids go on to abuse kids as adults. And so the "counselors" regularly torture the kids in their charge, in Jesus name.. amen.

It's not terribly surprising that republican lawmakers ensure the abuse can continue by refusing to place these institutions of evil in the same area of regulation of secular institutions. Republicans have absolutely no concern about child abuse - and in fact, they think that kids must be abused in order to keep them from acting out. Liberals are just too "soft" with kids, or something along those lines.

I actually do think that prison would be a good remedy for the abuse described in the article.. but that's just the liberal in me. The human being in me would kick the living shit out of those fuckers. Anybody who hurts a kid deserves to be beat within an inch of their life.

... and no.. I'm not drawing a comparison to a parent who spanks a kid. I think that's a bad idea, but it's not nearly on the same level of abuse as the systemic torturing of kids at these Jesus camps.

I was probably what the Loon Brigade would consider a "troubled youth". Most of my friends were also. In high school, we smoked pot.. drank beer.. stayed out late.. went to parties and listened to that devil music, heavy metal. What we didn't do.. is we never.. ever.. hurt anybody. There were never any fights.. hardly even an argument... but there was some sex going on instead.

We were never "punished" for that type of stuff by our non-religious parents. It was more a don't ask, don't tell, type of thing. It never came up, and we tried really hard to get in the door of the house and to the bedroom as quickly and quietly as possible so as not to smell like a brewery or grow house near anybody.

And time does what it does.. and you mellow a bit. You don't need to be abused for that sort of behavior. You just need to make sure you're kept safe.. the car being the most dangerous thing.

I sometimes regret not having any kids. I think I would have been a good dad.. mostly.. but I get wrapped up in my own hobbies and such, and so it's probably better I did not. It's still not too late for us to adopt a kid.. but.. nah.

The dogs give you the good part of having kids, without the bad parts.. like having to get a baby sitter for a night out and such. Plus puppy kindergarten is much cheaper than university.


kris said...

American Madrassas.

I really fucking despair.

Tom said...

And every time one of those loon's writes something about the muslims, they totally don't get that they're pretty much exactly the same.