Sunday, August 07, 2011

How Very European

LONDON (Reuters) - London braced on Sunday for more violence after some of the worst riots in the British capital for years which politicians and police blamed on criminal thugs but residents attributed to local tensions and anger over hardship.

Rioters throwing petrol bombs rampaged overnight through the deprived district of Tottenham in north London, setting police patrol cars, buildings and a double-decker bus on fire.

That's something that Americans won't do... Americans are just taking it lying down. Not saying that Americans should be rioting, but doing nothing while their futures are being stolen, and those of their children..



I thought a bit more about this.. wondering what I would do if I had a low income and not much of a financial future. Being a lone rioter just makes you a criminal. Being part of a million rioters makes you a revolutionary.

If your comrades are apathetic, there's not much you can do about it. The Europeans have more experience with revolutions. We've only done it once.

.. and I'm not talking about violent overthrows of government. That's Loon Brigade dreams. I'm talking about political over throws.


The new Death Cab for Cutie album is very good. I like the title track. I had it on repeat while I wrote this post.

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kris said...

People have the fear of having a stain on their permanent record.

No Brit gives a shit.