Sunday, August 28, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

Social Justice is unsustainable. - Douglass "I know how Marcus feels" Gibbs

"Social justice" is why your son is alive today.

So weird you advocate for other people to simply.. die. Just once, I'd like to see you explain why you advocate for social Darwinism.

Oh.. and do you think "Adam and Eve" were literal or just an allegory? I'd be really interested to know that one.. and you know why.. and so you'll just get on with the deleting.

I've noticed that's your new method now.. you've tried approving some in the past.. then you've tried quoting some and arguing against it (always a bad idea for you).. and then you tried quoting me as some anonymous liberal.. and now it's mostly just delete, although you did refer to my support for Palin and Bachmann recently, which was amusing.

You're so funny Doug... and your personality type is fascinating. You truly are the pure embodiment of all those negative stereotypes I find in religious people - chief of which is that you're absolutely convinced your right, and as you've said before "nothing will change your mind", not even reality. The cherry on top is that you think you're special.. singularly smarter than everyone else, hence the "172 IQ" and denigration of credentialed intellectuals and experts - but underlying everything is a subtext of an inferiority complex. It lurks there constantly, but is rarely seen. It does a Palin-esque rearing of it's head every so often though.

There is a purity about you that is unreal. I am just in awe.


The reason why it makes sense for the government to be administering social safety net programs like Medicaid is simply efficiency. They already have organizations in place to collect tax money, and a centralized system for administering programs. It's just simply more efficient.

Doug thinks that "charity", religious charity that is, will pick up the slack as a substitute for things like food stamps and indigent health care. That's a deadly over-estimation of the human capacity to give a shit.

What Doug proposes is social Darwinism. If you're not capable of always having enough money to pay for any contingency, then you should just die. Once all the "slackers" are gone, then society will be strong and pure. That's a weird argument coming from somehow who decrys eugenics.

Really.. Doug is so stupid he doesn't even understand that he's arguing FOR post-uterine abortions.

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