Wednesday, August 17, 2011

American Justice

An example of doing it right;

TAMPA, Fla. — Police were already keeping an eye on 17-year-old expelled student Jared Cano when they were tipped off that he was allegedly planning to bomb his old high school when classes resumed. In his apartment, they found shrapnel, plastic tubing, timing and fuse devices that he was amassing in a plot he intended to be worse than the Columbine mass killings, police said Wednesday.

Before Tuesday's discovery, Cano has been arrested several times, most recently accused of breaking into a house and stealing a handgun, Tampa police said. He had a court-ordered curfew and was on a police watch list. Officers checked up on him from time to time.

"We've been very, very familiar with him," police Maj. John Newman said.

The police always get better results when they're involved in the communities they're policing and get to know the citizens and their habits. However, if this kid had just been a pot-head or something of the like, then leaving him alone would be the better thing to do, rather than arresting him and placing a stain on his record that would be difficult to over-come.

Sometimes people are just crazy and there's not much that can be done about it. Other times, when you look at a young person who has gone off the rails, you find a dysfunctional family.

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